美麗華旅運於2016年成為豪華旅遊公司Insight Vacations香港區總代理,為旅客提供更高品質的旅程,打造豪華難忘的假期。

Miramar Express has been the Hong Kong exclusive agent of Insight Vacations in 2016, which aims to provide luxury while exceptional service.

Insight Vacations was founded in 1978, based in London. As a proud member of The Travel Corporation, Insight Vacations strives to deliver the finest experiences, hospitality and service. Following the company's motto of "The Art of Touring in Style®", each of its premium itineraries has been carefully crafted in order to provide a unique and intimate journey to guests. The destinations cover over 40 countries and regions throughout Europe. From 2011 to 2015, 10 Magellan Awards were given by Travel Weekly to praise for its outstanding contribution.

為迎合旅客不同的個性和愛好,Insight Vacations特設多款主題的旅程,包括:「探索歐洲之旅」(Discovery Journeys)、「在地文化之旅」 (Regional Experiences)、「鄉間風光行」(Country Roads®)、「悠然漫遊」(Easy Pace®)、「包羅萬象之旅」(All-Inclusive tours) ,另設有奢華旅遊品牌Luxury Gold,提供一系列高格調、尊貴的行程,把旅遊地點擴展至印度、不丹、尼泊爾和斯里蘭卡。

Insight Vacations offers a range of different touring styles to match different interests and schedules of guests, it includes "Discovery Journeys", "Regional Experiences", "Country Roads®", "Easy Pace®" , "All-inclusive tours" and "Luxury Gold", an exclusive collection of luxury itineraries.

本著持續創新的精神,Insight Vacations在2017年推出全新歐洲行程,帶領旅客遊覽歐洲經典景點及參加各種豐富活動,更深入體驗當地的文化和傳統。每趟旅程均安排入住精選酒店、品嚐當地美食及享受商務級交通服務,並由專業的旅遊總監沿途帶領,為旅客提供最佳服務。

To bring guests closer to the showstoppers and less-discovered corners of Europe, Europe 2017 programme is launched with exciting new itineraries and new Signature Experiences. Each itinerary showcases the best of each destination with a host of local encounters and enriching, authentic activities that give a true insight into the culture and traditions of each place it visits. The hallmarks of each trip are the Signature Hotels and Experiences, fine dining, business class transportation and the services of an expert Tour Director, reflecting the company's motto.

1. 美麗華旅運總經理李振庭(右二) 、郵輪部高級銷售及市場推廣經理陳麗娟(右一),與 Insight Vacations 行政總裁 John Boulding (左二)及亞洲區總裁Evon Ler(左一)簽署儀式,正式成為香港區總代理。

Insight Vacations於1978年在倫敦成立,一直致力推出優質的深度旅遊。本著「The Art of Touring in Style®」(具格調的旅遊藝術)的宗旨,Insight Vacations的專業團隊為旅客提供多款獨特和貼心的行程,旅遊足跡遍佈全球超過40個歐美國家及地區。由2011至2015年間,Insight Vacations均獲得旅遊雜誌Travel Weekly頒發共十個旅遊獎項,可見其高自主度及彈性的行程深受業內人士及旅客的推崇。

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